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Toni’s Spicy Mama Hot Sauce is healing for the soul, not just the taste buds! Combining the flavors of New Orleans, a passion for healthy food, and the desire to pay it forward became our WHY!

Toni’s Spicy Mama Hot Sauce started as a passion project to support the fundraising efforts of our nonprofit, the Abundant Favors Foundation. As a result, we were able to award ten five-hundred-dollar scholarships to students who needed help with school expenses. After this we decided that our passion for helping would not stop there. That passion has now grown into a business that takes pride in helping in many philanthropic causes. We currently help with medical costs, student scholarships, laptops for foster kids, and home rental assistance.

Creating a business that has incorporated philanthropy and service is all by design.
We look forward to providing specialty brand products that everyone will love and enjoy. We want to leave a legacy for not only our family, but a lineage that will pay it forward for others to purposely
embrace the spice of life through loving, living and giving.

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